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USA 2010 World Cup Kit


Photos of the United State’s 2010 World Cup kit first started to surface late last year and now, with prototypes from the European Design Commission,  those photos look to be confirmed. This is how the US (torso) will look this summer in South Africa (minus the distended bellies hopefully):

USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey

USA World Cup 2010 Away Jersey

I thought I’d like these more than I do. USA fans have been clamoring for the “sash” design to return since the success of the one-off “Don’t Tread on Me” jerseys they used in a friendly prior to WC ’06. That design was based on the 1950 World Cup jerseys the US wore en route to an upset of England.

With England in their group this go round, I suppose the return to the sash supplies a neat bit of symmetry but I’m torn on the jerseys as a whole.

The white one is clean and simple, an upgrade from their last two home kits. The blue one looks a little too “crossing guard” for my tastes, but it’s better than “anthracite” and at least this one won’t look unfinished without a number on the replicas like it did in ’06.

Seems like Nike at least heard the fan’s clamoring for a classic kit this time around, they just didn’t deliver. Umbro and Adidas did much better in that regard with England and Germany respectively.


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